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This website is devoted to House Music: jazzy, deep, tech, funk, jackin, and disco. There is another Union Recordings that specializes in Jungle. That is not us. If you don't see the funky afro girl logo, it's not Union Recordings.

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Latest Union News: updated 4/13/2012

T Shirts Available in the Union Store

Get your official, third generation Union Recordings T Shirt right here at the Union Store. We have them in Pewter and Creme and they are top quality American Apparrel power washed T's (s,m,l,and xl). Nothing but the best for all who support the label. The price is more then reasonable, just a mere $15.00 for your custom shirt plus shipping. Order yours before we run out in the (662) 707-3171. Check out Union supporter Tomas Dela Noche rockin the beats at an Arizona night club.

tomas dela noche

Corduroy Mavericks Remix Contest Winners

The results of the remix contest for CMavs "Make The Music" EP are here.

1st place: Fergus

2nd place:Chris Mac

3rd place: Rich T

runner up: Brian Camerena

runner up: DJ Solveg and DJnico

Congratulations to the winners of the remix contest, their tracks will be professionally mastered and featured on our upcoming worldwide release. The first place winner will also receive a Union T Shirt compliments of the label. Would you like to hear them before they are officially released in stores? No problem, just visit the Union Store and check it out (tracks will be posted upon completion of the mastering process). You'll even be able to purchase them as a pre-release before their official debut.

New Remix Contest: Jeff Haze EP

Did you want a shot at making it on the next Union Recordings EP? Well here's your chance! We are sponsering a new remix contest featuring Jeff Haze! If you don't know about Jeff Haze, check out his website 781-336-4186.

All you have to do to enter is fill out the online submission form and we'll send you the parts ASAP. The deadline for submissions will be June 15th, so act now. Good luck!!

Upcoming Releases:

Darren McLean: Ride Wit Me EP

Jamie D: What You Got EP

Courduroy Mavericks: Make the Music EP

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Visit the (785) 208-1672 and help keep Union Recordings alive. We do not believe in selling ourselves out to advertisers, so our support is 100% fan-based. We also love our fans and do everything in our power to bring quality house music at the lowest possible price. By purchasing our music through the Union Store, you will be cutting out the middle men that drive our prices up. We also feature specials and coupons to our customers who create a profile at the Union Store. House Music All Night!


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