Hanson Robotics' Sophia the Robot seems to be everywhere lately. But how does she work really? Hanson's chief scientist BEN GOERTZEL weighs in here...



The process of opening up complex regulatory processes is raising an ironic debate, one that pits privacy issues against those protecting the public...


No human being on Earth is less qualified to be Donald Trump’s national security advisor than John Bolton, says TED RALL.


In the latest installment of superhero science, researcher BARRY F. FITZGERAL explains how technologists will someday endow humans with the eyes of...


Controversial NYC movie critic COLE SMITHEY is the only film reviewer in the world who sees Lady Bird for what it is -- a truly terrible movie.


Whatever happened to the paperless office? DENNIS D. MCDONALD is still looking for answers after all these years ... in between print jobs.


Russian bots are reprehensible. America should know. It's an old hand. Cartoon by TED RALL


As the comedian George Carlin once put it, "kids know farts are fun. Farts are s&%t without the mess." Yeah, and who farts more than characters in a...

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The Baby Boomers, Gen X and now the Millennials have failed us. But Gen Z could have the energy and focus to mount a revolution.


You don't usually find liberals defending any part of the gun rights argument, especially not now, after a psychologically unstable 19-year-old shot...



Life in the United States has become vicious and brutal, too much even for a nation founded by rough and ready pioneers, says TED RALL. But we do...


You just survived your first car accident. Now what?



Actually, U2 is beyond lazy, says Ted Rall. How else to explain its plans to commemorate its 30th anniversary by re-touring its 1987 release, "Joshua...

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Life in the United States has become vicious and brutal, too much even for a nation founded by rough and ready pioneers, says TED RALL. But we do...


What if machines ruled the world? Well, there are pros and cons to that ...


Beyond crypto, AI and the rest, blockchain is sure to change the world in countless ways. This infographic digs in. Check it out.


It's easy to ignore them or, if you're stressed, to order them about on your big day, but don't do it. Here's how to treat your wedding guests the...


Obviously, you want to be able to restrict applications from endangering data in your enterprise. It's all about application control. Here's how it...


Americans over 50 will never believe it, but they're the only demographic left that thinks capitalism is superior to socialism. Here's why. TED RALL...


It's time to stop being reactive. This is our country. This is our time. These are our lives. It's time to start ignoring the tweetstorms and the...


Technology is transforming the real estate business, and real estate pros ignore it at their peril. Here's why.

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The stakes are high. But in its coverage of the Syria conflict, mainstream US media is as glibly insouciant as it would be in choosing whether to...