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About Basma

At Basma Medical, we are driven by an overarching zeal to master perfection in all that we do. This uncompromising philosophy enables us to consistently achieve and offer perfection across all our healthcare services to patients and patrons throughout the nation from our strategic location in Almanqaf.

We pride in a pleasant, welcoming ambience throughout our premises, one that is conducive to your wellbeing. Highly qualified physicians with a wealth of experience administer our therapeutic services and treatments that are thoughtfully designed to meet patients’ needs. This attention-to-detail merits Basma Medical as the clinic of choice for integrated healthcare solutions. Read More...



We recognize that your smile is a window to your personality and soul. A beautiful and charming smile is the language of your heart and is the first feature people notice about you. Our specialized Department of Cosmetic Dentistry aims to enable you to transform your smile into a truly unforgettable one as well as manage a number of deformities or conditions related to the teeth, jaws and mouth.

  • Dr. Moussa Haidar
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Dermatology & Laser

At Basma Medical, we have introduced the most advanced therapies using natural remedies and latest techniques to help your skin regenerate and glow. We also cater to a wide variety of skin conditions across age groups as well as offer anti-aging treatments for your skin, face and body. Carrying forth our commitment to perfection by constantly upgrading our techniques and methods to adopt the latest therapeutic or medical breakthroughs, we enable our clients to attain their ideal body contour and weight.

  • Dr. Svetlana Al Khamis


Diet Fix team is committed to deliver high quality health and nutritional practices. We offer a variety of nutrition solutions that are designed for each client depending on his case. Awareness is a huge part of the whole process, it is not only about delivering food to the client, but it also includes educating the client on how to change his life style.

  • Dr. Ahmad Alfailakawi

Oral & Maxillofacial

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery (OMS) specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the Oral (mouth) and Maxillofacial (jaws and face) region.

  • Dr. Haitham Murad
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General Medicine

The general health of an individual governs one’s productivity in day-to-day activities. It holds vital importance in leading a life free from stress and anxiety. As your overall health improves, so does your appearance, outlook and contribution to the community. Keeping the totality of your wellbeing in priority, the Department of General Medicine at Basma Medical focuses on providing medical services through a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates our expertise in Dermatology and Skin Care, and Dental Care. To achieve such integration, we have created an atmosphere of congeniality, trust and success-based expertise to provide healthcare programs that meet the distinctiveness of each individual’s health.

  • Dr. Amel Elmeniawy
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Dr. Haitham Murad

Maxillofacial Surgery
(909) 668-4674

Dr. Svetlana Al Khamis

M.D.Dermatology\Venereology,Laser, Cosmetology
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Dr. Mohammed Alabdullah

Consultant esoteric diseases and endocrinology and diabetes
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Dr. Amel Elmeniawy

General Practitioner
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