Big Bend Region, TX 10/18/18



Navy Drone Surprise

This Navy drone came out of nowhere.  I was returning my drone to land and heard something and was able to catch it in this photo.  These two photos are the same with the second one zoomed in on the drone.



After spotting a Navy drone circling the area, I landed my drone and got these photos.


welfare work

Downtown Waco 6/30/18


Woodway Park 5/24/18

Woodway Park 5/24/18


Bellmead, TX 5/22/18

Photos taken from flight at Bellmead, TX on 5/2/18.



Photos from flight taken 5/21/18 at Timbercrest Park.


(808) 688-4040

Photos from flight at TP&L on 5/17/18.